Jackson Lumber Catalog

April 2021 103 LUMBER & MILLWORK FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1946 Anatomy of a Stairway The following diagrams illustrate many typical applications of Post to Post and Over the Post stair systems Post to Post System Over the Post System Baluster - A vertical member which helps support the handrail. Usually set on a 4- 1 / 2 ” center. Fitting - Used when changing height or direction, for example: starting a balustrade (volute, turnout, starting easing with cap), at a landing (landing fitting assembly), and at a balcony. Handrail - The horizontal or rake member of a balustrade system. It sits on top of the balusters and is supported by newel posts. Newel Post - The major support for a balustrade system. Newels are larger than balusters and are located at the bottom and top of a stairway or at a turn in the handrail, such as at landing. Riser - The vertical component of a step which, along with the stringers, supports the treads. Starting Step - The first tread and riser at the bottom of a stairway. Tread - The horizontal component of a step upon which one walks. Glossary of Stair Terms Intermediate Landing Newel (14- 1 / 2 ” top square) LJ4046 Intermediate Landing Newel (5” top square) with S7099 gooseneck Use appropriate length balusters Utility Newel with S7099 gooseneck S7071 gooseneck Utility Newel with S7099 gooseneck Intermediate Landing Newel with S7086 - S7012 gooseneck Utility Newel Utility Newel Utility Newel and 7010 upeasing Utility Newel and 7088-2 gooseneck Utility Newel and 7010 upeasing Utility Newel with Landing S7088-2 gooseneck Utility Newel Intermediate Landing Newel S7081 - S7012 gooseneck Use appropriate length balusters S4010PB Newel and S7040 Turnout Double End Bullnose Starting Step LJ8015 Utility Newel LJ4042 Skirtboard Kneewall Application (Requires shoerail and fillet) 38” or 42” Balusters S4010PB Newel and 7035 Volute Skirtboard Open Tread Appilcation 38” or 42” Balusters Second Floor Landing Newels LJ4045