Jackson Lumber Catalog

April 2021 143 LUMBER & MILLWORK FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1946 • Drywall Frames: These frames are designed for interior applications and for installation in rough openings after the wall is up and finished. They can be installed in minutes and can be relocated without damage to the frame. When installed, this frame series will wrap the wall construction. Anchorage will be to the stud systems. KD Corner Detail 4- 7 ⁄ 8 " Strike Prep (ASA) 4-7/8" Wall Construction Application Typical Wall Anchors Wood stud wrap Compression jamb Steel stud wrap Compression jamb Masonry Not recommended Existing masonry Not recommended APPLICATIONS: Drywall Frames are typically used in the following types of wall constructions: Commercial Drywall Frames Drywall Pressue Anchor with Dimple JLM Part # Description K6U5783068LAC KDF K16 UL 5-7/8 3068LH ASA K6U5783068RAC KDF K16 UL 5-7/8 3068RH ASA K6U5783070LAC KDF K16 UL 5-7/8 3070LH ASA K6U5783070RAC KDF K16 UL 5-7/8 3070RH ASA * Frame sizes are listed as jamb depth. • • Typical Frame Head Hinge Jamb Strike Jamb Knock Down (KD) – Frames are supplied in 3 pieces for assembly prior to installation at the job site, and by the installing contractor. This is an economi- cal method of supplying the frames, and at the job site there is less room consumed in staging the products, easier job site movement of material, and usually less damage to the frame prior to installation. Set-up and Welded (SUA) – Prior to arriving at the job site, the 3-sided frame (with factory miters) is assembled (at the distributor’s fabrication location, or by Steelcraft). The miters are welded (in accordance with ANSI A250.8-1998), finished and supplied to the job site ready for installation. SUA frames are shipped to the jobsite with temporary shipping bars attached. The temporary shipping bars must be removed prior to installation. Due to the installation process, the Drywall Series of Frames (DW and K) are not supplied as welded (SUA). Jamb Depth Throat Opening Backbend Backbend Return Backbend Face Stop Soffit Rabbet Rabbet Typical Drywall Frame Typical Frame