Jackson Lumber Catalog

144 April 2021 LUMBER & MILLWORK FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1946 Birch Rotary White Slight No Slight Slight Slight No No No Yes No Rotary 3.5” (89 mm) 3 per 2.69 sq. ft. (0.25 sq. m) 1/2’’ (12.7 mm) 3 per 8 sq. ft. (0.74 sq. m) 1/8’’ (3 mm) 1/4” (6 mm) No No No No Slight No Slight Slight Slight No Two 1/16’’ x 6’’ (1.6 mm x 152 mm) Small blending Species Cut COLOR AND MATCHING Sapwood Heartwood Color streaks or spots Color variation Sharp color contrasts at joints TYPE OF MATCHING Book matched Continuous matched (transom) Slip matched Pleasing matched Random matched Nominal minimum width of face components NATURAL CHARACTERISTICS Small conspicuous burls and pin knots – Combined average number Conspicuous burls – Maximum size Conspicuous pin knots – Average number – Maximum size: dark part – Maximum size: total Scattered sound and repaired knots – Combined average number – Maximum size – Sound – Maximum size – Repaired – Average number – Repaired Mineral streaks Bark pockets Worm tracks Vine marks Cross bars MANUFACTURING CHARACTERISTICS Rough cut Blended repaired tapering hairline splits Repairs R/C Birch R O T A R Y This cut follows the log’s annual growth rings, providing a generally bold random appearance. VENEER SUMMARY TABLE MATCHING BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL PIECES OF VENEER Leaf matching The way in which the individual cuts are placed next to each other during the fabrication of the veneer face is the next factor affecting the appearance of the doors. The type ofmatch at the joint line must be specified. Natural variations in the leaves and the progression of the grain pattern across the face are the hallmarks of real wood doors. PLEASING MATCH Pleasing Match is veneer matched by color but not by grain pattern. Barber pole effect in book match Because the “tight” and “loose” faces alternate in adjacent pieces of veneer, they may accept stain differently, and this may result in a noticeable color variation called barber poling. ASSEMBLY OF SPLICED VENEER ON A FACE The type of “assembly match” must be specified to obtain a desired appearance. Any sequence matching from opening to opening must be specified. Rotary JLM Part # Description 3068134ULB 3068 Uniform Lite Birch Clear Finish Reversible 3070134ULBL 3070 Uniform Lite Birch Clear Finish LH 3070134ULBR 3070 Uniform Lite Birch Clear Finish RH