Jackson Lumber Catalog

April 2021 215 LUMBER & MILLWORK FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1946 Composite Decking Modern alternatives for outdoor decking include plas- tic polymer and wood-polymer composites. Synthetic materials are virtually bug-proof and rot proof. Fir Fir is a sometimes-wavy grained softwood, with a medium to fairly coarse texture. Yellowish to orange- red heartwood and whitish to reddish white sapwood. Typically free of knots and moderate to high strength, moderate shock resistance, and high stiffness. 8’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’ 20’ Cedar, 5/4 x 6 D&Btr RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY CEDAR546CLEAR Cedar, 5/4 x 6 STK RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY CEDAR546KNOTTY Fir, 1 x 4 C&Btr S4S RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY FIR14 Fir, 1 x 4 C&Btr T&G RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY MATFIR14 Fir, 1 x 6 C&Btr S4S RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY FIR16 Mahogany, 1 x 4 S4S RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY MAHOG14 Prefinished 1x4 Mahogany S4S RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY PFMAHOG14 Mahogany, 5/4 x 6 S4S RANDOM LENGTHS ONLY MAHOG546 ACQ Treated SYP, 5/4 x 6 ACQ5468 ACQ54610 ACQ54612 ACQ54614 ACQ54616 ACQ54620 Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar is reddish brown and ages to asilvery gray. The soft wood splinters easily, but holds up well in the rain, sun, heat, and cold. To add beauty and durability to your cedar deck, be using a penetrating stain. Mahogany Mahogany is a tight-grain harwood that resists pests and rot. Treat it with marine oil and it looks like teak. Or, let your mahogany deck age to a silvery hue. WOOD DECKING PRODUCTS