Jackson Lumber Catalog

82 March 2018 1500 Pocket Door Frame (commercial grade) MAX DOOR SIZE: 3’-0” x 6’ x 8” x 1-3/4” MAX DOOR WEIGHT: 200 lbs FINISHED WALL THICKNESS: 4-9/16” Easily assembled, structurally strong pocket door frame designed for fast installation in standard 2 x 4 timber or steel frame stud walls typically sheeted with drywall. Versatile frame can be adapted for use in thicker walls or cut down to accept any smaller size door. Removable aluminum track with low friction convex track rails, guaranteed jump proof smooth rolling ball bearing tricycle hangers, rust resistant zinc plated steel reinforced timber split studs and self adjusting floor anchors. ALL FRAMES CAN BE CUT DOWN TO ACCOMMODATE ANY SMALLER SIZE DOOR. Door Guides 1550 Hanger/Rollers 1120 Wrench 1712 Wall Stop 1513 CODE = POCKETHDWSET CODE = POCKETFRAME Ives Pocket Door Pulls Door Edge Cut-out by others 2- 1 / 4 ” x 1- 3 / 4 ” Combination Pull Passage CombinationPull Privacy O0561233 Pass US3 O8126146 Priv US3 O3971132 Pass US26D O6722151 Priv US26D O5913199 Pass US10B O0248765 Priv US10B Doors factory prepped to accept these locks Flush pull and edge pull in one unit for 1- 3 / 8 ” or 1- 3 / 4 ” Round Pocket Door Pull Model 335 - Privacy Function Model 334 - Passage Function PDL PASSUS3 PDL PASS716 PDLPASSUS619 PDL PRIVSUS3 PDL PRIV716 PDLPRIVUS619 Code CONVERGING DOOR KIT 585080 (USED FOR JOINING 2 POCKET DOOR FRAMES) 1555 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1-3/4” DOOR ADAPTOR KIT STANDARD SIZE POCKET DOOR FRAMES ACCEPT 1-3/8” DOORS ONLY. 134PKTFRAMEADPT USE THIS ADAPTER KIT FOR 1-3/4” DOORS. 1575 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Replacement Hardware Rough opening width Single doors: 2 x door width +1” Double doors: 4 x door width www.johnsonhardware.com