Advanced Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
Highly recommended for sloped roofs, Epilay™ Superior is 25 times stronger and 4 times lighter than 15# felt. Only 7 mil. thick, a 10 square roll weighs just 23 pounds. The 48″ width, 250 ft. run length, light weight, and exceptional tear strength all mean you can expect installation to be 30% faster than felt.

Components of this underlayment include Epilay™ GripWalk™, a high-traction gray top layer providing cooler working surface and easy steep-slope walkability, even when moist. The anti-skid bottom surface, Epilay™ Skid Resist™, is made with advanced polymers to keep the underlayment intact and prevent it from tearing during application.

Best for use under Asphalt shingles, Epilay™ Superior does not wrinkle, crack or become stiff in cold temperatures, and it will not dry out or leach oil in high temperatures. It is water repellant, non-absorbent, and impervious to mold growth. This underlayment product has one-year UV protection and is backed by a 15-year limited warranty. Temperature performance range is -40° F to +240° F.