Millwork Manufacturing

Innovation & Technology

All of our interior and exterior precision made pre-hung door units are produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Raymond NH, using the latest technology and equipment. Each door unit is carefully assembled by our skilled staff so your installation will be fast and easy.

Quality Craftsmanship

If your job requires specialty work, Jackson Lumber & Millwork has the capability to customize a variety of interior and exterior doors, and trim profiles to your specifications.

Pride & Experience

Since 1946, Jackson Lumber & Millwork has been proud to provide quality custom millwork and trim to our customers. Our skilled architectural millwork staff works on all projects with pride and craftsmanship. Care and quality are the main ingredients in everything we manufacture.

Fast Turnaround

Our cutting edge manufacturing systems and technology guarantee a quick turnaround on your order. The Jackson fleet of box trucks, boom trucks, moffets, full tractor trailers, and flat beds will deliver your order as soon as it is completed.

View Videos

Take a tour of the Jackson millwork plant. The videos below show you how we assemble custom door units, interior door units, exterior door units, bend & shape PVC, and create MDF raised paneling.

Custom Door Unit Assembly

Custom door unit assembly at Jackson Lumber & Millwork’s Raymond, NH millwork plant 1:19

Interior Door Unit Assembly Line

Interior door unit assembly line at Jackson Lumber & Millwork’s Raymond, NH millwork plant 2:35

Bending and Shaping PVC

Bending and shaping PVC at Jackson Lumber & Millwork’s Raymond, NH Millwork Plant 2:10

Creating MDF Raised Paneling

Creating MDF raised paneling at Jackson Lumber & Millwork’s Raymond, NH millwork plant 1:27

Exterior Door Unit Assembly Line

Exterior Door Unit Assembly LIne at Jackson Lumber & Millwork’s Raymond, NH millwork plant 1:58
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